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Why keyword research tools will fail you

When using a tool which relies on others data it is impossible to know if a keyword will suit your brand or service. The keyword tools will be able to tell you how popular a search term is and maybe some other interesting statistics but they can't tell you if the keyword will convert for you.
If you are not sure about a keyword why would you spend hours optimising your web pages for the search term?

The Marketing Brain uses the actual traffic driven from your PPC to discover the best keywords for your site.

Use PPC fishing to discover the best keywords for your SEO efforts

If you are new to PPC, don't worry as the technique is not complicated. You can be set up in minutes and your keywords will be being tested almost immediately.

The Marketing Brain software connects to your Google Analytics account and extracts data whilst also pulling information down from your live site to combine reports to show you the discovered keywords.

Step by step on how to do keyword research

Most SEO people will use an online service for their keyword research but will probably use a bit of gut feeling too. I like to take the guess work out of the discovery process and get Google to tell me exactly what I should targeting in my SEO.

Follow these steps for the best keywords in your niche

  1. Find the most popular generic terms to describe your product or service
  2. Set up a PPC account – Yes that is correct I did say set up a PPC account if you don’t have one running already
  3. Set up a Campaign using the fishing technique – download ppc fishing how to guide
  4. Take the discovered keywords and try to improve the conversion rate of your landing page
  5. Build the discovered keywords into your SEO strategy
  6. Fish again in PPC using the discovered keywords and AdCopy
  7. Think about the problem you solve with your product or service
  8. Repeat steps 3 to 6
  9. Think about the best customers you have and try and profile them by asking yourself the following questions about them;
    1. Male or female
    2. Age bracket
    3. Geo location important
    4. Technical / educated / fun / business etc
    5. Model number
    6. Branding important
    7. Part of a group
    8. Where would your ideal customer hang out online
    9. Who are your competitors
    10. Go and look at their sites
    11. Read their testimonials
    12. Read their reviews
    13. Look at their features and benefits
    14. Would a giveaway be useful
    15. Can you help them for free initially
    16. Could you offer a guide or checklist
  10. Take all the knowledge from point 9 and produce keywords and phrases for ppc fishing and AdCopy
  11. Repeat steps 3 to 6
How to do keyword research - cheatsheet

The Marketing Brain Pricing

Currently still in beta but three pricing models will operate

  • Basic
  • Ideal for the home user with one website and small AdWords campaign.
  • $10 / month
  • 1 User
  • 1 URL
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Top 30 Pages
  • Top 30 Search Terms
  • Free Trial
  • Standard
  • Suitable for affiliate marketers and sole trading marketers with a few sites.
  • $25 / month
  • 1 User
  • 10 URLS
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Top 30 Pages
  • Top 30 Search Terms
  • Free Trial
  • Premium
  • Agencies and power users with multiple sites managed by team members.
  • $50 / month
  • 10 Users
  • 25 URLS
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Top 30 Pages
  • Top 30 Search Terms
  • Free Trial

*Currently in Beta but soon to be released as a full service package. Request your free trial now.

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